Online Learning

Online Learning's Mission is to provide convenient alternatives to attending traditional on-campus classes for students wanting to take Tulsa Community College courses.  

Online Learning Orientation

Internet/Online Courses

Tulsa Community College offers students the flexibility to take classes anytime day or night - 7 days a week through Internet or online courses.  Internet courses offered via Online Learning include a variety of disciplines and may require some on-campus orientations or exams.  Many other Internet courses are offered totally online (100%) and have no on-campus requirements.

Online classes are recommended for students who are highly self-motivated and disciplined.  The rewards are a flexible schedule and availability of course materials anywhere at any time via the Internet.  Click here for more information about Internet courses.

Interactive TV Courses (ITV)

Tulsa Community College has state-of-the-art Interactive Television classrooms at each campus location which allow for two-way video conferencing to several locations around the world.  This highly interactive and visual medium is great for group discussions, presentations and traditional lecture format classes.  Many colleges and high schools throughout Oklahoma have ITV classrooms that allow each institution the ability to offer and receive unique classes that may not be available on their campus.

ITV is also a great tool to cut down on travel nationally and internationally.  TCC has hosted many conference meetings between local groups and international groups.  For more information about scheduling a conference meeting or to discuss hosting or receiving an ITV class, please contact the Office of Online Learning at 918-595-8999.