Search Announcement

Dear TCC Community,

On behalf of the Board of Regents, I am pleased to announce the next steps in the search for the next President of Tulsa Community College.  The Board is committed to conducting an equitable, participatory, inclusive and fair search that will attract a strong pool of presidential candidates locally, regionally and nationally.

We are committed to undertaking a process that will allow us to keep the College community informed and involved.  We will keep the College informed through the distribution of regular progress reports, the posting of information on the College’s website, and through reports provided during the regular meetings of the Board. 

Conducting a National Search

This is one of the most important decisions for all of us and it will decide the direction of the College for years to come. We are delighted to have selected the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) to assist us with the presidential search process.  ACCT has conducted over 400 community college presidential searches and brings a wealth of information to our process.  ACCT’s mission is to strengthen community college governance through education, advocacy and service. Our search consultants are Narcisa Polonio, Ed.D., Executive Vice President for Education, Research and Board Leadership Services, John Steinecke, Search Services Specialist, and Laurie Savona, Ed.D., Operations Officer.

The Presidential Search Committee

The Presidential Search Committee is an integral part of the search process.  The members of this committee will review application materials, interview candidates and make recommendations to the Board.  We invited members of the college community, including faculty, staff, students, administrators, business leaders, and the community to join us as part of the Presidential Search Committee.

The members of the committee are:

  • Ron Looney, TCC Board of Regents Chair
  • Bill McKamey, TCC Regent
  • Paul Cornell, TCC Regent
  • Mary Cantrell, TCC Faculty Association President
  • Pam Chew, TCC Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
  • Terry Jacobs-Davis, College Staff Council Chair
  • Dr. Jan Clayton, TCC Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dr. Mike Limas, Academic & Campus Services Director
  • Larry Mocha, Air Power Systems Co., Inc. President and TCC Foundation
  • Karen Gilbert, Tulsa City Councilor
  • Mary Shaw, TCC Foundation Chair
  • Shane Fernandez, Executive Vice President, Crafton Tull Architects and TCC Foundation
  • Serena Poteete, TCC Student.

Public Forums

We are holding College-wide open public forums on December 4th and 5th to ask both the College and the communities we serve for their thoughts and ideas on the development of the presidential profile to help our ACCT Search Consultants recruit the most qualified candidates from around the country. Faculty, administrators, staff and students will have an opportunity to provide feedback to our ACCT Search Consultants.

We want to encourage everyone to participate in the open public forums and provide input into the development of the presidential profile.  This is an opportunity to learn more about the process, the timeline, recruitment procedures, and how you can become involved when we bring the final candidates to participate in open public forums.

College-wide Open Public Forums for the Presidential Search will convene on:

Wednesday, December 4 and Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 4 9:00 a.m., West Campus
  11:00 a.m., Metro Campus Philips Auditorium MP110   
  1:30 p.m., Northeast Campus Auditorium SC1603
  3:30 p.m., Southeast Campus Auditorium SU9101
December 5 8:30 a.m., Conference Center CC211/213

For those unable to attend the open public forums on December 4th and 5th, please share your thoughts with our ACCT Search Consultants by sending your responses to the following questions to Laurie Savona at by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 so that the foundation document can be prepared in time for the open public forums the following week.

1)  What are Tulsa Community College’s immediate priorities?

2)  What are Tulsa Community College’s longer-term priorities (five – ten years out)?

3)  What are the ideal characteristics of our new president?

Our ACCT Search Consultants will compile your responses and the Board will prepare a draft Presidential Profile for the approval of the Board of Regents.  We look forward to your active participation in this process.

Web Page

We have developed the presidential search web page and we will regularly post information on the web page regarding the presidential search process including:

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to our ACCT Search Consultants:

Narcisa Polonio, Ed.D., at or 202-276-1983 (cell)

John Steinecke at or 202-384-6539 (cell)

Laurie Savona, Ed.D., at or 202-595-4300 (cell)

Thank you,

Ron Looney,
TCC Board Chair and TCC Search Committee Chair