Presidential Search Committee

The Presidential Search Committee is an integral part of the search process.  The members of this committee will review application materials, interview candidates and make recommendations to the Board.  We invited members of the college community, including faculty, staff, students, administrators, business leaders, and the community to join us as part of the Presidential Search Committee.   

The Presidential Search Committee reflects a cross section of the Tulsa metro area from TCC Regents, faculty, staff and students to representatives from Tulsa business and Tulsa government. 

The members of the committee are:

  • Ron Looney, TCC Board of Regents Chair
  • Bill McKamey, TCC Regent
  • Paul Cornell, TCC Regent
  • Mary Cantrell, TCC Faculty Association President
  • Pam Chew, TCC Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
  • Terry Jacobs-Davis, College Staff Council Chair
  • Dr. Jan Clayton, TCC Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dr. Mike Limas, Academic & Campus Services Director
  • Larry Mocha, Air Power Systems Co., Inc. President and TCC Foundation
  • Karen Gilbert, Tulsa City Councilor
  • Mary Shaw, TCC Foundation Chair
  • Shane Fernandez, Executive Vice President, Crafton Tull Architects and TCC Foundation
  • Serena Poteete, TCC Student.