Lead Team

Completing the Dream institutionalizes TCC’s model of action research and data analysis. The Completing the Dream Lead Team guides this crucial endeavor.  

The Lead Team has a unified organizational structure, clearly-defined roles and a documented decision-making process. Lead Team facilitators chair three committees charged with responsibility for sustainable leadership, strategic planning, and budget and finance. All members of the Lead Team serve on one committee. The Lead Team roster is listed below. 

With a comprehensive structure in place, Completing the Dream is poised to chart new gains in student success in 2014-2015.

Completing the Dream Lead Team Roster 2014-2015

Lead Team Facilitators

Faculty Leader and Chair, Sustainable
Leadership Committee        

Angela Sivadon, Faculty, Allied Health, Owasso Campus              

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chair, Budget and Finance Committee

Donna Wood, Conference Center 

Director of Planning and Institutional Research and Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Kevin David, Conference Center

Innovation Team Leaders


Josh Baker, Faculty, Science and Mathematics, Metro Campus

Career Academy

Tracy Ballinger, Director of Student Development, Southeast Campus

Eunice Tarver, Director of Student Development, Metro Campus


Lisa Gerow, Associate Professor of Nursing

Lindsay White, Director of Student and Community Engagement

Support Leaders

Data Consultant

John Bruce, Planning and Research Analyst II, Conference Center

Faculty Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Angela Summers, Southeast Campus

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs       

Jan Clayton, Conference Center

Dean of Developmental Education

Margaret Lee, Conference Center

Academic Strategies Coordinator

Lori Coggins, Southeast Campus

Communication Officer

Cindy Barton, Publications Specialist


Darin Behara, Dean of Student Services, Metro Campus

Anita Hall, faculty, Mathematics, Southeast Campus & former chair of MathPath

Joyce Friske, faculty, Mathematics, Southeast Campus & former chair of Course Redesign

Tim Fernandez, Director of Tulsa Achieves & former co-chair of Academic Strategies

Michael Singleton, Northeast Campus

Sarah Stecher, Faculty, Communication Services, Metro Campus     

Jeff Stuckey, faculty, Communications, Southeast Campus & former co-chair of Academic Strategies