TCC & Tulsa Transit partner to provide free bus service to TCC students & employees

TCC Rides FreeIn the first month of offering free bus rides for Tulsa Community College students and employees, 4,563 people have taken advantage of a new partnership between Tulsa Community College and Tulsa Transit. TCC Rides Free Powered by Tulsa Transit is a pilot project that offers unlimited rides to TCC students and employees anywhere Tulsa Transit offers bus service. TCC Rides Free began in August and runs through Dec. 13.

Upon boarding the bus, TCC students and employees are required to show an official TCC ID with a TCC Rides Free sticker that reads “Fall 2013.” They pick up these stickers on TCC campuses.

“The response from students and staff has been incredible,” said Dr. Jan Clayton, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. “More than 700 people have picked up the TCC Rides Free stickers at a TCC campus. We are hearing feedback from students that our partnership has alleviated transportation concerns for the semester. We are glad that students and staff are embracing this partnership.”

TCC Rides Free is a pilot project with the potential of becoming a permanent perk.

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