Scholarship History

In 2007, Tulsa Community College began a Corrections Education program. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Dick Conner Correctional Center, and Tulsa Community College created a unique partnership to offer onsite classes. TCC classes are offered at a reduced cost and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections provides grant funding for Youthful Offenders age 25 and under, while the Dick Conner Correctional Center provides classrooms and administrative support.

With over 23 percent of Oklahoma inmates returning to prison annually, it is clear that inmates face a multitude of challenges upon release. Beyond re-acclimating to society and family-life, inmates must immediately look for employment. However, with nearly one-fourth of all jobs nationally requiring an associate degree or higher, inmates struggle to meet minimum job qualifications.

Statistics show inmates who pursue a college education are less likely to return to prison (CBS Interactive Incorporated); this factor motivates our College, our instructors and most importantly the inmate/students and their families in this program.

The program provides for basic student educational needs. In addition to classes, TCC has started to create a library of textbooks and materials along with support services that include academic advisement, placement testing, and financial aid assistance.

Tulsa Community College established the Second Chance Scholarship to help bridge the gap between available public funding and the actual cost of tuition and textbooks to attend college.

Through the Second Chance Scholarship campaign we hope to establish a $50,000 endowment so that the needs of these students can continually and consistently be met.