Mohammad Zahid

Mohammad Zahid Business Administration Associate in Science Degree

Mohammad Zahid has plans. They involve accounting and a graduate degree. He wants to work in the oil industry.

But first, he’s finishing an associate’s degree in Business Administration from TCC.

Mohammad is active in the Honors Program, has taken eight honors classes so far, and is the recipient of an Honors Scholar scholarship.

“All of my teachers have been great,” he says, “but you get more one-on-one time with your honors professors. It’s a really great program.”

Mohammad came to America from Pakistan with his family when he was little. They stopped in New York for a time, then moved on to Oklahoma, where they’ve lived since he was in first grade. A graduate of Jenks High School, Mohammad qualified for the Tulsa Achieves program, and has used it to further his ambitions.

“I saw it as a unique opportunity for me,” he says. “I’m planning to transfer to The University of Tulsa in the fall. They have a transfer scholarship for Tulsa Achieves students. Tulsa Achieves has been very important to me,” he says. “Some people get lucky. They have wealth. But I’m not one of those people. I need this to be successful in life. It has helped out financially. It’s a great deal.”