Employment Opportunities

The employment outlook is good, especially in rural communities. The starting salary range of a new graduate in the Tulsa area is approximately $275 a day. Salaries vary with geographic location and the clinical practice setting. The dental hygienist has a variety of career options. Depending upon state laws and supervision requirements, dental hygienists can work in:

  • Private practice (dental office)
  • Community health programs
  • School systems; military bases
  • Hospitals; long term care facilities
  • Forensics; correctional facilities
  • Insurance companies; HMO's
  • Foreign countries
  • Professional associations
  • Veterinary dentistry
  • Dental hygiene and dental school programs
  • Dental supply and product companies
  • Universities and other research centers
  • Government agencies like the U.S. Public Health Service, Indian Health Services, and Veteran's Administration