Program Goals





The Tulsa Community College Dental Hygiene Program is based upon the concept that quality education in a positive and supportive learning environment will enhance an individual's potential to achieve personal satisfaction, contribute to society and foster lifelong learning. The program blends challenging rigorous course work with experiential learning experiences in order to develop dental hygiene professionals who are patient centered, clinically and technology skilled, capable of critical thinking, problem solving and responsible ethical decision making.


1. Develop the scientific basis, understanding, methodology and technical skills necessary for recognition and treatment of disease of the oral cavity and related structures within the recognized ethical and legal scope of dental hygiene practice.

2. Develop a philosophy, commitment and methodologies for maintenance of general and oral health and for prevention of disease.

3. Provide preparation for effective service as an ethical member of a dental health professional team.

4. Develop an attitude and ability of self-assessment, critical evaluation and inquiry as well as application of evidence-based knowledge.

5. Advance the profession through service activities, affiliation with professional organizations and continued education.

6. Prepare the graduate for entry into the profession, for employment in a dental office or alternate practice setting and for service as an ethical and productive dental hygienist.

7. Exhibit minimal competence upon graduation as defined in the TCC Dental Hygiene Competencies Document. (Appendix 1)

Advisory Committee - Reviewed and Amended November 2012