Application and Selection Process


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Application and Selection Process

The program admits one class each year in the summer semester. Prospective students are required to complete the application process by January 15 of each year.

Procedures for Application
1. Submit completed program application online by Jan. 15.

2. All prospective Occupational Therapy Assistant Program students must complete an application for enrollment to the College, submit their high school transcripts, ACT scores and previous college transcripts to:
Metro Campus Registrar's Office
909 S. Boston Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74119

Incomplete submissions will not be considered for admission into the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. Acceptance to Tulsa Community College does not guarantee admission to the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.

3. Interviews will be granted to applicants who meet the programs minimum requirements. All interviewed applicants will be notified by mail regarding their selection status.

4. In order to enroll in courses that include a clinical component and are part of the program's degree plan, students must receive clearance on a criminal background check, including sex offender registry.

Class Selection Criteria
All applicants must have the following:

1. ACT composite Scores. A minimum score of 15 or above on the enhanced ACT or 10 on or above on the older ACT assessment is required.

2. Grade Point Average - Cumulative College Grade Point Average of at least 2.5.(Retention GPA will be considered, if BIO 1314 is completed with a grade of "C" or better). For further information on the retention GPA contact the Registrar's Office.


High school GPA (if less than 12 college credit hours) of at least 2.5. High school GPA will be averaged with any college hours taken if college hours are less than 12. The average must be a 2.5.


GED scores will be converted to a GPA. A minimum score of 45 is required in each area.

Each interviewed applicant receives points which are weighted as follows: interview (up to 30 points), GPA (up to 30 points), writing sample (up to 20 points), and ACT/SAT scores (up to 10 points). Applicants are awarded bonus points for reapplication, 2 points the first year, 3 points the second year. Applicants are may also be awarded up to 5 additional points for a work history which includes direct patient care, example CAN, PCT CMA). Applicants are ranked from highest to lowest according to their accrued points. Class positions will be assigned in order of rank. Applicants will be notified of their status in the program by April.


Transfer Students
Applicants who wish to transfer from another Occupational Therapy Assistant Program should follow the procedures listed above.

If the transfer student is accepted to the program, course descriptions from the previous institution are reviewed and compared with courses in the Tulsa Community College program

A plan of study that ensures the student is receiving an education that covers all of the standards required by ACOTE is developed and proposed to the transfer student

The transfer student accepts or rejects the plan of study and acceptance into the program.

Occupational Therapy Assistant application can be downloaded from the attachment below.

The Occupational Therapy Assistant application requires the latest Acrobat plug-in.

If you have any questions please contact:

Gary Brasewell, BS, MS
Allied Health Services
OTA Program Director
909 S. Boston MP 334
Tulsa OK 74119

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