Program Curriculum

Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Summer Semester - First YearCredit Hours - 7
BIOL 1314Human Anatomy and Physiology
PSYC 1113Introduction to Psychology
Fall Semester - First YearCredit Hours - 14
PSYC 2023 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 2193Personality Theories
OCTA 1203Introduction to Occupational Therapy
OCTA 1303Clinical Conditions, Terminology and Skills
OCTA 1363Applied Anatomy for Occupational Therapy Assistants
OCTA 1352Neuro Anatomy and Physiology for OTAs
Spring Semester - First YearCredit Hours - 15
ENGL 1113Freshman Composition I
OCTA 1293Introduction to Occupational Therapy II
OCTA 1403Therapeutic Media
OCTA 1443Psychosocial Theory and Practice
OCTA 1483Physical Disabilities Therapeutic Practice
Summer Semester - Second YearCredit Hours - 8
ENGL 1213Freshman Composition II
POLS 1113American Federal Government
OCTA 1511Fieldwork I/A
OCTA 1521Fieldwork I/B
Fall Semester - Second YearCredit Hours - 12
HIST 1483American History 1492 to 1865
HIST 1493American History 1865 to Present
OCTA 2203Therapeutic Adaptations
OCTA 2223Developmental Disabilities Theory and Practice
OCTA 2263Current Trends in Occupational Therapy
Spring Semester - Second YearCredit Hours - 12
OCTA 2356Fieldwork II A - Eight weeks of full-time fieldwork 
OCTA 2376Fieldwork II B - Eight weeks of full-time fieldwork
 Total Credit Hours - 68
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