Jerry Babb, Assistant Professor of Economics
Tulsa Community College
Metro Campus
909 S. Boston Ave., MC 451
Tulsa, OK  74119-2095
Fax: 918.595.7038

Educational Background
A.A., Tulsa Junior College
B.B.A., University of Oklahoma
M.B.A., University of Tulsa

Courses Taught
ECON 2013 - Principles of Macroeconomics 
An introduction to the functioning and current problems of the aggregate economy. Major topics include supply and demand, determination and analysis of national income, employment and unemployment, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, and international trade. 

ECON 2023 - Principles of Microeconomics 
An introduction to prices and markets. Major topics include elasticity and consumer choice, product markets, factor markets, income distribution and the foreign exchange market. 

ECON 2123 - International Economic Issues
This course examines the unique aspects of business operations within regions of the world and the nature of international trade, foreign exchange, and the critical operational problems and issues involved in conducting business in other countries. A review of global geography will be conducted during the course and current international business trends and topics will be discussed.