Traditional RN Track Admissions Criteria


Admission Information:

The Nursing Program admits a new class each spring semester.  Prospective applicants need to meet all the admissions criteria specified below.  Applicants will be selected on a point system based on the Nelson Denny test, science grades, and overall college GPA.

Deadlines for submission:

  • Completed application and documentation must be submitted by the first Monday in September.
  • If requesting an exception or substitution to the admissions criteriayour application must be submitted by the first Monday in August to be considered by the Nursing Student Affairs Council.  (Please see Application Packet for more details).

All applicants will be notified in writing of their admission status within four (4) weeks of the application deadline date.

Admission Criteria
Specific prerequisites must be met before applying to the Nursing Program.

Course   Credit Hours
 ENGL 1113 Freshman Composition I 3
 PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology 3
 BIOL 1224 Introduction to Biology for Majors 4
 CHEM 1114 Principles of Chemistry 4
 BIOL 2134 Human Anatomy 4
    18 Credit Hours
  • Completion of prerequisite courses (or their substitutes approved and documented on degree plan). 
  • All courses must be passed with a minimum grade of C or better.
  • Cumulative college GPA minimum 2.5.
  • Completion of the Nelson Denny test.  Call the Nursing Division Office at 918-595-7075 to sign up. 
  • Current CNA certification or an acceptable substitute (Please see Application Packet for more details.)


Upon acceptance into the Nursing Program you will need:

  • Current CPR card—Healthcare Provider, American Heart Association (AHA)
  • Completed Health Record with required documentation of annual TB and Flu shot or declination, and evidence of immunity to Varicella or chickenpox, Tdap, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Hepatitis B vaccination or declination.
  • Drug Screening and Criminal Background Check (CBC), including but not limited to a 7 year county of residence and nationwide criminal history check, national sexual predator screening, Social Security check, and Medicare/Medicaid fraud screening.


NOTE:  If you plan to further your education beyond the Associate’s Degree Nursing Program offered at TCC, please refer to the Pre-Nursing Degree Plan in the catalog for additional courses required to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from another institution.


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