FAQ Nursing

Can I be enrolled in the prerequisites and still apply to the Nursing Program?

Yes you may, although completion with a grade is considered to be better.

Where can I get my CPR card?

TCC Continuing Education offers classes periodically, the American Heart Association, fire stations, and hospitals.  Note: We only accept AHA Healthcare Provider cards.

Where can I get my TB skin test done?

You can have a TB skin test done at your primary doctor, hospital, or the health department.

What is the first step in applying to the Nursing Program?

First you must apply and be accepted into Tulsa Community College and complete the prerequisite semester.

If I am not accepted can I reapply?

Yes you may.  Your application will be active for one year, after one year you must reapply.

How many students apply to the Nursing Program?

It varies from semester to semester and on the supply and demand for nurses in the surrounding area. 

How many students are accepted to the Nursing Program?

We accept approximately 150 students in the spring semester into the Traditional Track.

Does TCC offer a clinical refresher course?

TCC does not offer clinical refresher courses on a regular basis.  You can contact area hospitals for more information.

Do you offer an LPN program?

These programs are offered through the vocational technology schools.  We offer the LPN/Paramedic to RN option that allows completion of our program in three semesters.

How long is the program?

The program is designed to be completed in five semesters, which includes the prerequisite semester.

What degree will I earn?

After completion of the program you would earn an Associates degree in Applied Science.

If I have all the general education classes completed can I complete the program quicker?

The four semesters of nursing courses cannot be combined.  The nursing courses in each semester must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher before a student can take the nursing course for the next semester.

How many hours can I work and still do well in the Nursing Program?

That varies on the student’s academic ability.  We recommend that you study two to three hours a week for every credit hour that you are enrolled in.

Are there tips for applying to the Nursing Program?

Do not wait until the final days of the application period to begin accumulating necessary documents or to submit your application.

·         Incomplete applications will not be processed, so check to make sure it is complete.

·         Applicants should read all application information completely and thoroughly.

·         Applicants should verify completeness of the application and receipt of all required documentation before the application deadline.

·         Be sure to keep the Nursing Division Office and the TCC Registrar Office informed of any changes in address, phone, or name.

·         Applicants should turn in their application and materials all together at Metro Campus.

Will I be admitted if I met these minimum requirements?

It is not a guarantee.  Applicants will be selected on a point system based on the Nelson Denny test, science grades, and overall college G.P.A.

Where can I get an application to apply to the Nursing Program?

You can download the forms on the Nursing Division Webpage listed under the "Downloadable Forms" link, or you can pick up a copy  from the Nursing Division Office at (918)595-7075. 

Is the Nursing Program considered a full-time program?

The Nursing Division considers it full-time, even if all of your general education courses are completed, because of the study-time involved in the program.

What clinical sites are used?

We utilize multiple clinical sights throughout the greater Tulsa area. Our sights include major hospital systems, nursing homes, medical related offices, etc.

What is the Nelson Denny test?

The Nelson Denny test is a reading test for speed and comprehension. The primary use of the Nelson-Denny is to screen for reading problems which can be a predictor of academic success in the nursing program.

Do you have a part-time Nursing program?

No.  Although if you have completed all the general education courses in the curriculum prior to being accepted, you may not be considered full-time by the college if you are only taking nursing courses, but you would be attending classes &/or clinicals as much as a full-time student.

   How do I obtain my healthcare documentation?

You may get your healthcare records from your physician or the health department. Further details regarding immunizations can be found on the last page of the Nursing application.