Nursing Counseling Services


TCC recognizes that stress, anxiety about the future, personal problems, a recent loss or a relationship conflict can interfere with your academic progress. Sometimes it helps to just say it all out loud to an outside party. You may need me to just listen, and other times we may need to work to problem solve or get outside information and resources.

Counseling services are offered at NO COST to TCC students enrolled in Nursing or Allied Health programs.To schedule an appointment, or for questions, please call 918.595.7108. If you reach voice mail, please leave your name and phone number where I can reach you.  Please keep in mind that e-mail is not a secure medium, and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

I am here to help you succeed in achieving your academic and personal goals. Don’t let disorganization, procrastination, anxiety or personal issues and crises, defeat you. Ask for help. Ask for help early. 

Be A Part Of The Blackboard Site Designed For You 
As a student of the TCC Nursing or Allied Health program, you have the opportunity to utilize a Blackboard site for Allied Health and Nursing support services. To do this: Log onto Blackboard as you normally would, go to the top of the page and click on the “Community” tab, scroll down to “Departmental Services,” then click on “Metro Campus.” On this page, scroll down to “Allied Health and Nursing Support Service,” and click on the “Enroll” button and “Okay." After you get the “receipt” for your enrollment, this page will appear along with your classes on your Welcome page the next time you log in to the site. There is no charge for this service. New materials are frequently added to address current needs. Check out the Course Documents page and External Links for information you may find helpful.

Nursing & Allied Health Blackboard Site