Geology Department Faculty

Claude Bolze, Assistant Professor


MC 527, 918-595-7246,

Office Hours:  Monday à Thursday:  7:30 AM - 10:00 AM


Claude E. Bolze comes to Tulsa Community College from a successful career as a petroleum geologist. He discovered and developed oil and natural gas resources in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, and Oklahoma.



BS in Geology - Pennsylvania State Univeristy

MS in Geology - Wright State University

MS in Environmental Engineering - Oklahoma State University



TCC’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Courses Taught:


 PSC 1114 – Physical Science
 GEL 1014 – Physical Geology
 GEL 1024 – Historical Geology
 GEO 2113 - Oceanography


In his spare time, he reads, collects fossils and grows herbs.