Scavenger Hunt

Tulsa Community College will host a GIS scavenger hunt to be completed by 1pm on GIS Day, November 16, 2011. Everyone is invited to participate. Instructions and contest rules are provided below. The contest is sponsored by ERGIS ( and the GIS Certification Institute (

The contest will have three levels of difficulty depending on the expertise of the participant. Each level will be awarded prizes.

Beginner: This is a simple scavenger hunt in one which the participant follows the directions and identifies the locations described by the clues.

Prizes: $20 – 1st Place, $10 – 2nd Place

Intermediate:  A simple scavenger hunt in which the participant follows the directions and identifies the locations described by the clues and provides the latitude and longitude of the locations.

Prizes: $50 – 1st Place, $25 – 2nd Place, $10 – 3rd Place

Advanced: The participant will follow the directions of the scavenger hunt, take a geospatially located picture of the locations, and create a map incorporating the pictures of the locations. The map will be displayed during GIS Day.

Prizes: $50 – 1st Place, $25 – 2nd Place, $10 – 3rd Place

The scavenger hunt will be in the downtown Tulsa area with the potential to expand into the Tulsa metropolitan area. Downtown Tulsa is a beautiful city in which we will discover cultural sites and her long history of philanthropic activity. The downtown portion of the scavenger hunt can be completed by walking or driving. Happy hunting!

GIS Day – November 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Locations


There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert. Prizes are awarded as follows:

  • Beginner: 1st Place - $10, 2nd Place - $20
  • Intermediate: 1st Place - $50, 2nd Place - $25, 3rd Place - $10
  • Advanced: 1st Place - $50, 2nd Place - $25, 3rd Place - $10

Everyone is welcome to participate.  If more than one person qualifies for a prize, bonus locations may be used as a tie-breaker and the winners may be drawn from the qualified participants.  All entries are due by 1pm, November 16, 2011.  Winners are chosen at the discretion of the judges.

Beginner Level

Please locate and identify the locations using the provided clues.  All locations are downtown in random order.  You can walk or drive to each location.

  1. Tulsa’s first church, located between 7th and 8th on Boston Avenue.
  2. Billy Joel, Elton John, KISS, and Bruce Springsteen sang here.  This event location is locally known as the giant roll of duct tape, located at 3rd & Denver.
  3. The professional society is located at 15th & Boulder.  It is part of the legacy from when Tulsa was the Oil Capitol of the World.
  4. This church has some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in Tulsa; located at 8th & Boulder.
  5. Look for the sign on Boston between 3rd & 4th.  The sign references the Titan that supports the heavens, brother of Prometheus, son of Iapetus.
  6. This historic building is a beautiful example of Tulsa’s neo-gothic and art deco architecture.  It is registered in the National Register of Historic Buildings. You can enter Tulsa underground tunnel system from here. Take a moment to look at the beautiful interior while you are here.  You will find it at 4th & Boston.
  7. This church founded the Iron Gates Ministry that feeds breakfast to the homeless every day for many decades.  Tulsa is one of the most philanthropic cities in the world.  A person in need of food can find good food for every meal of the day, every day of the week.  This iconic building is located at 5th & Cincinnati.
  8. A great place to see various forms of visual arts, located at 3rd & Cincinnati.  Ask to visit the art display, which is changed monthly.
  9. “Take me home to the ball game” at North Elgin and East Archer.
  10. Everyone should visit the Old Lady on Brady at least once, located at the corner of Brady and Boulder.
  11. GIS Day in Tulsa is located here.

Intermediate Level

Find the latitude and longitude for each of the sites above.  Map the sites electronically or manually.

Advanced Level

Find the latitude and longitude for each of the sites above.  Map the sites electronically.  Incorporate georeferenced pictures into the map and create a poster of everything.


Bonus Locations



The praying hand



Christmas decorations next month



A real man



I'm leaving on a jet plane



Lions and tigers and bears



Go see the Aztec Gold






European Masters on exhibit now



Getting' your kicks



Look for the elk

The GIS Day Scavenger Hunt is sponsored by ERGIS and the GIS Certification Institute