ARAC Tutor Code of Conduct

"Education is more than a luxury, it is a responsibility that society owes to itself"

Robin Cook

Code of conduct

An America Reads  America Counts tutor is expected to:

  • Be a tutor, not a teacher, teacher's aide, parent or other employee of TPS. Tutors cannot be left unsupervised with children, deviate from the tutoring curriculum, evaluate children on a formal basis, discipline children, preach their religion to children and school personnel, contact parents, give students gifts or give students anything edible.
  • Represent the College and the America Reads America Counts program well.
  • Be professional in appearance and conduct
  • Not use any personal electronic material while at the tutoring site.
  • Follow all school policies (TCC and host school).
  • Sign in daily at the work site
  • Turn off cell phones while at work
  • Maintain confidentiality, do not discuss the children's abilities or problems in other way than a professional manner with their teachers, schools staff or America Reads America Counts representatives.
  • Not make judgments about the school, school discipline policies or other school policies or the children's teachers or parents.
  • Have appropriate interactions with children which contribute to the mission of the school, the goals of the America Reads America Counts program and the learning goals of the tutor.
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be well prepared for each lesson, select appropriate materials and plan ahead.
  • Be a good communicator with host school personnel, America Reads America Counts program, staff and peers.
  • Earn the trust of pupils and teachers, facilitate pupil learning goals
  • Use language appropriately e.g. use correct grammar and do not use slang and swear words
  • Be punctual, reliable, responsible, friendly and accepting.
  • Show initiative
  • Phone host school contact before being absent
  • Inform TCC America Reads America Counts program if you are having difficulties with your placement.
  • Honor the commitment made.