Technical Standards

Technical standards are the essential non academic requirements of the program that a student must be able to master in order to successfully participate in the MLT Program and become employable. Examples of this program's technical standards are provided below. If you are not sure that you will be able to meet these technical standards, please consult with the Allied Health counselor or the Disabled Student Resource Center for further information and to discuss your individual situation.

A. Physical Requirements

1. A student in the MLT program must possess sufficient visual skills to perform and interpret laboratory assays, including the ability to:

  • Read calibration lines on pipettes and laboratory instruments that are one millimeter apart.
  • Distinguish between solutions that are clear, opaque or particulate in test tubes and/or on glass slides.
  • Identify stained and unstained cellular components in the range of one micrometer using a binocular bright field microscope.
  • Differentiate color reactions.

2. A student must possess the ability to successfully navigate around the laboratory and hospital.

3. A student must have the ability to carry and lift objects weighing up to 15 pounds.

B. Manipulative Requirements A student in the MLT program must possess adequate manipulative skills to perform a variety of laboratory assays, including the ability to:

1. Turn dials, press keyboards, and move switches on laboratory instruments.

By completing the MLT application, you verify that you can meet all of these functions, with or without reasonable accomodations.