Assistant Professor, Information Technology  
Contact information:  
SEC 4220
(918) 595-7783
Educational Background:  
MS Kansas State University
MBA Old Dominion University
BGS University of Nebraska
AA Orange Coast College
Course (s) Taught:  
CSCI 2473 - C Language Programming
The C and C++ programming languages are presented with emphasis on applications used in business and science. The student will write several programs using the important features of C and C++ such as selection statements, looping, functions, structs, arrays, and pointers.
CSCI 2843 C++ Programming
This course is an introduction to object oriented programming using the C++ programming language. Major subjects covered include the creation of classes and objects, data abstraction, overloading operators, inheritance, polymorphism, templates, and exception handling.
CSCI 2133 - Java Programming
This course is an introduction to the object oriented features of the Java programming language. Major subjects include the creation of classes and objects, applications, applets, inheritance, polymorphism, and use of the many classes and interfaces included in the Sun Java Software Development Kit.
Interest Areas:  
Biographical Sketch:  
Began career in computing at American National Insurance in Galveston, Texas in August 1957.
Completed 24 years in the United States Army in 1983. Retired LtCol.
Taught at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Colledge 1980 - 1983.
Taught at Oral Roberts University (Computer Science) 1983 - 1996.
Taught at Tyler Junior College (Tyler, Texas) (Computer Science) 1996 - 1998.
Taught at Tulsa Community College (Computer Science) 1998 - Present