Associate Professor, Marketing  
SEC 4118
(918) 595-7617
Educational Background:  
BS Northeastern State University
MBA Northeastern State University
Course(s) Taught:  
MKTG 2423 Principles of Marketing
Provides students a realistic appreciation of what marketing is and its importance to society and to the individual. It provides the broad basic knowledge of communications, personal selling, wholesaling, and retailing. It explores the marketing mix of product, place, price, and promotion. It includes discussion of product development, package design, distribution techniques, pricing strategies, and promotional elements such as advertising, sales promotion, publicity, public relations, and professional selling. It looks at the effect consumers have on the marketplace and discusses consumer buying behaviors and the consumer decision making process. In addition, it will provide information regarding market research techniques, determination of a target market, and the creation of a specific marketing strategy. There is no prerequisite for this course.
MKTG 2393 Advertising and Promotions
The course places an emphasis on the selection of media sources and coordination of advertising and promotion as a part of the marketing mix. The student will learn how to prepare and manage an advertising and promotion campaign. The course includes a study of consumer markets, demographics, consumer behavior, advertising history, types of advertising, advertising components, the study of color, and sales promotion elements.
MGMT 2123 Leadership Development
This course takes a hands-on approach to teaching multiple leadership and management skills. The course focuses on developing effective communication skills, team building, team dynamics, problem solving, decision making, articulating a vision, time management, planning, developing listening skills and managing conflict. A special emphasis is placed on personal empowerment, self development, respect, integrity, ethics, and service to business and community.