Welcome to the Southeast Campus Communications Division.
At-risk students find classes in our division that help them become successful college students. The disciplines in our division offer classes that teach life-long skills highly prized in the job market: active listening, collegiate level writing, and the art of public speaking.

Division Faculty & Administration

Classes offered

We have several formats in which to choose, depending on your learning style:

·         On campus/in classroom

·         Internet (all on-line)

·         Blended classes (example for a MWF class:  attend class on campus Mon/Wed –   
      attend class on-line on Fri  (at your convenience)


Tutoring is available through the  Writing Center.

The SEC International Language Lab provides services for many cultures.  To see all the services/assistance that is available, click here



For more information contact:
Southeast Communications Division, SE1202, 595.7694
Hours of operation:  M-F 7:30a-5:00p, closed Sat.
Hours of operation during the summer (May 10 - August 2) will be:  7:00a-6:30p