Are you stumped by Grammar?  Just getting started on a paper?  Planning your draft?

 Working on a rough draft?  Polishing?


You have come to the right place!

 We are here to help you!



  • Tutoring sessions are free for TCC students.
  • You can meet with a tutor at any stage of the writing process. Be on time. If you are too late, the tutor may move on to the next appointment.
  • Bring your assignment sheet and whatever work you have done on your paper.
  • If you want to work on your writing skills, try to bring work that has already been graded by your professor.
  • Ask questions. We are here to help.


Writing Center tutors WILL:

  • Help you understand assignment / instructor's expectations.
  • Help you get started on a paper.
  • Provide constructive feedback on writing at any stage.
  • Discuss ways to make your writing clear and effective.
  • Offer guidance on organization.
  • Help you find your error patterns to avoid and correct them.
  • Help you learn "MLA, APA, or any other writing style".
  • Help you learn to edit and proofread your own papers.

Writing Center tutors WILL NOT:

  • Proofread or edit your paper for you.
  • Take responsibility for any part of your paper.
  • Create any portion of your paper for you.
  • Grade your paper or offer any suggestion of a grade.



You may also e-mail the tutor: