Jobs and Economic Climate Web Sites

BioSpace Website:
contains Web-based resources and information on the life science industry; job recruitment site; news link includes breaking news and feature stories

Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO):
includes favorite links for News and Media, Industry At-a-Glance, and National Issues

Bio-Link Biotechnology in the News:
site includes current biotechnology news shorts

Penn Center for Bioethics:
a center for bioethics research with interesting links on transplant policy and gene patenting; includes a link to the American Journal of Bioethics

DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory:
This is one of the best websites to spend an afternoon with interactive teaching modules on biotechnology; favorite links include:
Your Genes, Your Health, DNA from the Beginning, and DNA Interactive.

National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health:
includes news highlights, information on international genome work, and a wonderful primer on the Human Genome Project

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

The National Agricultural Biotechnology Council:
website has newsletters and upcoming events with publications and a wealth of information in the Other Resources section

Agricultural Biotechnology:
website includes an informative discussion about agricultural biotechnology