Science Seminars at Southeast Campus

Tulsa Community College
Southeast Campus

Science Seminars
Fall 2015

The Science and Math Department on the Southeast Campus of Tulsa Community College is again hosting weekly seminars on a variety of subjects related to science, healthcare and biotechnology.  
These are 1 hour seminars held on alternating Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 
All Seminars begin promptly at 7:00 PM. No one will be admitted after 7:10 PM.  
All Seminars are held in the Chat Room, first floor and down the hallway from the Fitness Center located in building 9.       
For additional information - - Call 918-595-7742



Name of Speaker

General Topic of Seminar

Tues.  Sept. 22



 Dr. Kevin Wang:  Assistant Professor of Biology :  Department of Natural Sciences: Northeastern State University


Transgenic plant derived Proteins Dissolve Blood clots.

Wed.  Sept. 30



Dr. Katherine Anderson: ND,FABND: National Director of Naturopathic Medicine: Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Naturopathic Medicine and Cancer Treatment

Tues.   Oct. 6



Dr. Angela Sivadon PhD:  RN,RCIS: Program Director; Cardiovascular Technology at Tulsa Community College


Restoring the Flow, Percutaneous Coronary   Intervention

Wed. Oct. 14



Ellen Niemitalo, RN, BSN, MPH                    Tulsa County Health Department


Vaccines & Immunizations

Tues.    Oct.20



Dr. David Meinke: Regents Professor, Department of Biology:  Oklahoma State University

Using Molecular Genetics to Study Embryo Development in Arabidopsis, the Fruit Fly of the Plant World


Oct. 28


Dr. Diana Spencer: Biotechnology Coordinator; Dusti Sloan: Assistant Professor of Biology at Tulsa Community College and Biotechnology Students

STEMming the Tide: TCC Biotechnology Research


Tues.   Nov. 3

Mary Phillips Associate Professor of Biology at Tulsa Community Colleges and STEM Students

Meet the Next Generation of Problem Solvers – Doing research at TCC

Wed.   Nov. 11



Dr. Warren Booth: Assistant Professor of Molecular Ecology: Department of Biological Sciences:  University of Tulsa

Bed Bugs From a Molecular Ecological Perspective

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