Science Seminars at Southeast Campus

Tulsa Community College
Southeast Campus

Science Seminars
Spring 2016 

The Science and Math Department on the Southeast Campus of Tulsa Community College is again hosting weekly seminars on a variety of subjects related to science, healthcare and biotechnology.  

These are 1 hour seminars held on alternating Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 
All Seminars begin promptly at 7:00 PM. No one will be admitted after 7:10 PM.  
All Seminars are held in the Chat Room, first floor and down the hallway from the Fitness Center located in building 9.       
For additional information - - Call 918-595-7742


Name of Speaker

General Topic of Seminar

Tues.  Feb. 9



Mike Collier

Channel 8

Chief Meteorologist

Oklahoma’s Changing Weather

Wed.  Feb. 17



Dr. Charles Brown

Professor of Biological Science

University of Tulsa

Social Behavior and colonality in Cliff Swallows: insights From a 34 year study

Tues.   Feb. 23



Mr. Chuck Jones

Electronics Technician Nuclear

First Class; U.S. Navy

Naval Nuclear Power Program

Wed. March 2



Dr. Akhtar Ali

Associate Professor of Molecular Virology

Department of Biological Science

University of Tulsa

Viruses: Enemies or Friends

Tues.   March 8



Dr. Tara Buck

Assistant Professor

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children: Updates in Diagnosis and Treatment

Wed.    March 23



Dr. Gerald Koehler

Associate Professor of Microbiology; Dept.

Of Biochemistry and Microbiology

Oklahoma State University  Center for Health  Sciences

Microbes and the Gut-Brain Axis

Tues.   March 29

Dr. Charles Sanny; Chair; Deptartment

Of Biology and Microbiology

Professor Oklahoma State University

“Antivenoms: How are they made and how do they work?” 

Wed.  April 6



Andrew England

Program Director MLT and Phlebotomy

Tulsa Community College

A Holistic Look at Blood Products From Start to Finish

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