Science Seminars at Southeast Campus

Tulsa Community College
Southeast Campus

Science Seminars
Fall 2014

The Science and Math Department on the Southeast Campus of Tulsa Community College is again hosting weekly seminars on a variety of subjects related to science, healthcare and biotechnology.  
These are 1 hour seminars held on alternating Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 
All Seminars begin promptly at 7:00 PM. No one will be admitted after 7:10 PM.  
All Seminars are held in Room 9101, first floor and down the hallway from the Fitness Center located in building 9.       
For additional information - - Call 918-595-7742




Name of Speaker

General Topic of Seminar


Wednesday, September 24 


Kevin Wang, Ph.D.: Professor of Biology Northeastern State University                           

Plant Molecular Farming


Wednesday, October 1


Michael Steffen, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Tulsa


Phylogeography of the Interior Highlands, and the discovery of a new species of paedomorphic salamander". 



Wednesday,  October 8


 Kathleen Curtis Ph.D.; Associate Professor of Physiology; Oklahoma State Medical School

Estrogen and eating;
Neural and metabolic consequences


October 14


Heather Schafstall, M.S.; Technical Manager of Forensic Chemistry; OSBI.

Forensic Chemistry


October 22 


Dr. James Seebass: D.O.            
Tulsa City County Health Department, Respiratory  Infection Control Division

Current Issues in Respritory Health: E-Cigarettes, Medical Marijuana, Immunization, Entovirus D68, & Ebola Virus

October 28


John Carmet MD; Assistant Professor of Geriatrics; Clinical Director of Northeast Region, OU School of Community Medicine; Tulsa, Oklahoma


Preparing for the Silver Tsunami with Advances in Geriatric Medicine


Wednesday,  Novovember 5


Dr. Suneeti Jog: Assistant Professor of Biology; Northeastern State University

Oklahoma’s Wetland Health
as Designated by Plants


Wednesday,  November 12


Amanda Stockton Ph. D; Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology


“Exploring Curiosity:
Undergraduate Research Opportunities
at NASA and Beyond.”





































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