Courses will be offered in Spring 2015

MUSC 2991   301   27025   Alexander Technique OR
THEA  2991    301  27026   Alexander Technique

The course should be of interest to students who
* experience tension, fatigue and pain while practicing and/or performing
* struggle with performance anxiety
* feel that they are not in control of themselves during performances
* have been told that they are "getting in their own way" or "interfering with
       themselves" by teachers or directors

Course Description:
This course is an introductory study of the principles of the Alexander Technique, geared towards
students in the performing arts.  Participants will begin to learn about their own habits, use, and
direction and work to apply the ideas of primary control, breathing freely, moving easily and
kinesthetic awareness to their artistic practice.

Students must commit to at least two public performances and/or auditions during the semester--
ensemble performances are accepted.  Students will also keep a journal to track their progress and
understanding through the semester.  Please be prepared to take risks, accept challenges and keep an
open mind!

Course will be offered in Fall 2015 semester

MUSC 2992   301   18205   Composition for Songwriters

Course Description
Composition for Songwriters uses students' song writing and popular music backgrounds to learn 
concert music composition, arranging and classical/popular crossover techniques.  Students will
learn composition while also developing skills necessary for commercial viability.  Each student
will write songs and a short concert music piece for any combination of strings and piano.  Practical
skills include proper presentation of jazz and lead sheet notation/concert music engraving,
development of musical ideas and presenting their ideas in written popular/jazz and concert formats,
using music theory and ear training techniques to improve popular music and classical skills, and
exploring the relationship between text and music.  Students with prior concert music and
notation experience will be encouraged to work according to their level of experience.

Please check the current TCC class schedule for day/time for these classes.