Main Stage


Loading dock is on the southwest side of the facility.  Covered dock is 3'-6 1/2" high by 40'-3 1/2" wide by 12'-6" in depth. Cover is 15'-6" high from drive-way surface and 12' high from the dock surface.  Cover extends 7'-9" past dock.  Two trucks may load in at a time.  Dock is lit for night-time loading.  Loading door is 8'-1/2" wide by 16'-0" tall.  Doorway empties into a hallway.  Large scenery may make a 45-degree turn into wing space.  Loading door from SR wing to stage is 7'-10" wide by 16'-0" tall.

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium: 52'-0" wide by 26'-0" high. Stage is 39'-11" deep upstage of plaster line.  Downstage of plaster line is 7'-1 3/4".  Orchestra pit elevator extends downstage 10'-10 1/2" so that the total distance from DS side of proscenium is 18'-1/4".

Wing Space: Stage right is 22'-3 1/2" of clear space-full stage depth.  Stage left is 18'-9" of clear space-full stage depth.  Obstruction stage right is locking rail for 38 line sets.

Grid Height: From deck to grid surface is 66'-0" with effective flying height of 64'-0".

Orchestra Pit: Width is 54'-0" on the downstage side and 40'-6" on the upstage side.  Depth is 9'-10" at center. Lift is hydraulic and may be stopped at any distance.  Controls are on lift down center position.  There are three pre-programmed position levels.

Stage Height: 3'-5 1/4" from auditorium floor.

Stage Floor

Sprung floor with soundproofing. Pine frame, 2 layers of 3/4" plywood and topped with painted Masonite (Duron).  Check with VTPACE Production Staff before fastening to the deck.

House Draperies (Soft Goods)

House Curtain: Burgundy traveler/guillotine combination.  Counter-weight manual lift line and traveler operation located stage left.

Legs: Three sets of black velour on tracks that adjust from 3'-0" to 15'-0" wide. Midstage traveler may also be used as another set of legs (black velour).

Borders: Four black velour borders that are 66'-0" wide by 10'-0" tall with no fullness.

Full Stage: (Black Out) one black velour 28'-0" high by 66'-0" wide.

Scrims: One black sharkstooth 28'-0" tall by 66'-0" wide. One white sharkstooth 28'-0" by 66'-0" wide.

Cyclorama: One natural muslin seamless 33'-0" tall by 66'-0" wide.

Line Set Data

Line Plot:

Working Height of Battens: 2'-10 1/2" of working height for battens. Electrics are tri-battens that fly to the deck.

Battens: (38) 66'-0" battens. 1 1/2" schedule 40 pipe and maximum 2600 lbs per electric with 1600 lbs available for loading.

Type: Single purchase system.

Arbor Capacity: Maximum capacity 750 lbs. per pipe and maximum 2600 lbs per electric with 1600 lbs available for loading.

Available Weight: Eight thousand lbs available at loading gallery.

Loading Gallery: Stage left 61'-0" from deck.

Pin Rail: Small pin rail up left 20'-0" from deck used for drop boxes.

Support Areas

Crossover:  Architectural crossover is available.  The only caveat is that it is outside, although it is covered. One my be created using the CYC on line set 38.  Distance from CYC to upstage wall is 4'-0". We suggest that if this option is used, that the Black-out is hung on line set 38 and the CYC on line set 37.

Access:  From front of house, steps located both stage right and stage left, also level with mid-house using stage right.  Dressing rooms 40'-0" stage right of stage.  Green room 25'-0" stage right of stage.  Instrumental rehearsal room 20'-0" stage left of stage and choir room 30'-0" stage left of stage.

Staging Area: located between the Main Stage and Studio Theatre. Can use for event on Main Stage if arrangements are made ahead of time.

Shop Area: Located stage right through overhead door 7'-10" wide and 16'-0" tall.  All major wood working tools available with supervision.

Storage: Limited storage available for run of show only.

Note:  All scenery and soft goods must be fire-proofed. Fire proofing may be done through the use of Rosco's Flamex in accordance with the Uniform Fire Code.