Main Stage

Power: There is a company switch SR on the proscenium wall.  It is 400 amp isolated with cam-loks for lighting.  There is a 100 amp isolated company switch on the SL proscenium wall with cam-loks for sound.

Dimmers:  155 ETC 2.4kw dimmers.  18 6kw dimmers 7 of which are used for house lights. 8 Leprecon ULD 360 DMX-HP dimmer packs.

Control Board: ETC Emphasis 3000 Channel with Expression 3X interface located in control booth at back of house.  Training on this control console must be attained prior to use. Please call the Technical Director in charge of lighting to arrange training. 1 remote focus unit.

Houselights: Control in booth and at stage manager's panel, stage right.

Worklights: Control on the stage manager's panel, stage right.

Circuits:  155 2.4kw circuits, three beam positions, four onstage electrics, 2 box boom positions each side of house, (6) 3 circuit drop boxes, four wall plugs.  (11) 6kw circuits in drop boxes.  ETC Dimmer Doubling is used throughout the house light plot. Also 8 Leprecon ULD 360DMX-HP dimmer packs (placement notated on plot).

Circuit Charts:

Front of House Transfer: None Available.

Front of House Positions: 1st Beam: 29' throw to plaster line-down light.

2nd Beam: 51' throw to plaster line at 45 degrees.

3rd Beam: 65'-5" throw to plaster line at 60 degrees.

Equipment Inventory:

FOH Instruments: 6 ETC 36 degree Ellipsoidals

28 ETC 26 degree Ellipsoidals

20 ETC 19 degree Ellipsoidals

10 ETC 10 degree Ellipsoidals

4 ETC 50 degree Ellipsoidals

Stage Instruments: 26 8" Fresnel 2kw-Altman

10 WFL Source 4 PAR 575w

70 ETC 36 degree Ellipsoidals

10 ETC 26 degree Ellipsoidals

4 ETC 19 degree Ellipsoidals

Stock Instruments: 4 ETC 10 degree Ellipsoidals

12 ETC 19 degree Ellipsoidals

50 ETC 26 degree Ellipsoidals

5 ETC 36 degree Ellipsoidals

8 ETC 50 degree Ellipsoidals

38 6" Fresnels

2 8" Fresnels


17 Altman PAR MFL

Followspots: 2 Lycian M2 2500w HMI located in the follow-spot booth at rear of house.

Hardware: top hats (snoots), barndoors.

Cable: various length stage-pin.


Studio Theatre

Dimmers: 288 ETC DAF dimmers

Circuits: 288 circuits spread out on walls and in the grid

Control: ETC Express 250 upgraded to ETC Emphasis 500

Network: Full ETC Network system with 2 permanent Nodes, Network Taps on all walls and all levels.

Extras: 3 phase, 208 volt twist lock power located at catwalk level and grid level for intelligent lighting fixtures.