House opens ½ hour prior to curtain.  Curtain will not be held beyond advertised time except for the following reasons:  Equipment malfunction, weather or traffic conditions as determined by the Technical Director of Facilities.  All pre-sets, sound and light checks must be completed by that time.

As of August 6, 2012, Oklahoma State Law prohibits smoking on any state property inside or on any of the grounds the building occupies.

Animals are not allowed in the spaces for any reason other than use in a show.

Due to fire regulations, no aisle or part of an aisle is allowed to be blocked in any manner.

Events incorporating groups of children must have adult supervision at all time in the performance and support areas.  These adults must be supplied by the client.  There must be one adult per every ten (10) children.

It is understood that no agreements with the client relinquishes PACE's right to control the management of the Facility and to enforce all necessary laws, rules and regulations.

No stage rigging, stage lighting or any other stage equipment can be used or changed without prior approval of the PACE Technical Director.

No client shall allow nails, tacks, stage screws, screws, or similar material to be driven or placed in any part of the premises without approval of the PACE Technical Director or Production Manager.  Repair of all damage is the responsibility of the client.

Egress in to the stage areas must be maintained at all times.

All scenic materials brought in by client must be flame proofed and or conform to the Uniform Fire Code.

No food or drink allowed in the house or theatres.

PACE Production carries all colors of Roscolux gel.  We will supply this gel to clients for cost of gel.  Any other brand of gel or depleted colors will need to be supplied by the client.

Guests are not permitted anywhere onstage before, during or after a performance or during intermissions.  Guests are welcome to come backstage to support halls if the client wishes, but no admittance to or through the stage will be allowed.  This is a safety issue as well as a logistical concern.  Stagehands need to be able to do their show work and post-show work quickly and without obstruction. 

PACE Production retains the right to cause the interruption or termination of any event when, in the sole judgment of the PACE, such action is necessary in the interest of public safety.

The lighting inventory will be used as is.  No relamping will be done unless necessary to replace an expired lamp and no conversions will be made.

Clients are encouraged to use the loading dock on the south side of the PACE to unload their equipment.  The dock is ramped and curb-cut for convenience.  Immediately after unloading, vehicles must be removed.

All scenery, props, costumes, equipment, etc. belonging to the client must be removed by the client immediately following the final performance.  All items not removed from spaces will be assumed trash and disposed of accordingly.