Hospitality Management FAQ

What will a TCC hospitality degree or certificate do for my career?
Our program is designed to develop entry level supervisors and managers for the hospitality industry. For those who are already employed as supervisors in the industry, the program is designed to help the individual move up into positions of higher management and increased responsibility.

Upon completion of this program, where can I expect to find employment?
Currently there is a great demand for entry-level supervisors and managers in all segments of the hospitality industry including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, casinos, travel and tourism and event planning.

How and when are the course offered?
A full range of hospitality courses are offered each semester including summer according to a predetermined schedule. All courses are offered as eight week courses in either 50% blended or 100% online.

How long does it take to complete a certificate or an associate’s degree?
Depending on your class load, a certificate of achievement can easily be completed in one year while an associate’s degree can take up to two years.