Veterinary Technician Scholarship 2010

Dr. Jan Weaver
Veterinary Technician Scholarship



Ms Alicia Alvarez 

The 2010 recipient of The Dr. Jan Weaver Veterinary Technology Scholarship.      

Ms. Alvarez is a continuing first year student in the veterinary technology program and is scheduled to graduate in May 2011.  She is a resident of Morris, Oklahoma and commutes regularly to classes at the Veterinary Technology Center at West Campus.  Prior to admittance to the veterinary technology program, Alicia earned an Associates of Applied Science in Precision Agriculture from Oklahoma State University at Oklmulgee.  As a high school student she showed calves and was active in the Future Farmers of America organization, earning state and American FFA degrees. Alicia is a proud fourth generation farmer/rancher who raises and maintains cattle on her grandparent's farm.

During her first year in the program, she has maintained high academic achievement in her field of study while exhibiting strong involvement and leadership in the veterinary technology student association.  With Alicia's quiet yet respectful demeanor, she manages to lead by example for other students in the veterinary technology program. She demonstrates exemplary participation in all extra-curricular activities.  Ms Alicia Alvarez holds high expectations for herself with very specific goals for her future career path as a Registered Veterinary Technician. 


Criteria for the scholarship include:

1.  Selfless service and giving of oneself for the benefit of others 
2.  Embodiment of integrity and honesty
3.  Demonstration of a strong work ethic, and
4.  Dedication to the welfare of animals