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The Tulsa Community College Foundation provides support to Tulsa Community College and its mission by developing key relationships and financial resources.

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With 25,000 highly diverse students, TCC is the largest two-year college in the State of Oklahoma. With nearly 150 certificate and degree programs in seven academic schools, TCC is one of the most comprehensive community colleges in the nation. We also have wide geographic scope, delivering programs and services throughout the Tulsa metropolitan area at four campuses – Metro, Northeast, Southeast and West – and three outreach centers in East Tulsa, Owasso and Jenks.

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TCC will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020 with a strong track record of service to our students and our community. We are proactive in working with regional employers to develop curricula that meet workforce needs and prepare our students for successful careers. We are innovative in designing and adapting programs, like MathPath, to enhance and accelerate student learning. We are attentive to best practices nationally as a member of the American Association of Community College’s Pathways program, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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TCC engenders and enjoys a remarkable culture of commitment from our nearly 1,000 faculty and staff members. They demonstrate that commitment by exceeding the requirements of their jobs on a daily basis to ensure the success of our students. Large numbers of employees show their commitment to student success every year by donating personally to TCC’s annual Believe campaign.

Campaign For Completion

You can make a difference

At its heart, TCC’s Campaign for Completion is not about raising funds, it’s about removing barriers.

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Helping address the financial challenges our students face


Helping navigate the path from admission to graduation

Removing Physical Barriers

Helping traverse the maze of administrative processes

Learning Labs for Student Success

Helping Build the Right Environment

Chemistry and biology lab renovations will provide quality academic support labs in STEM fields so that students are better prepared to be the workforce of tomorrow.

Diversity and Inclusion Outreach

Help faculty, staff, students and community members develop and/or grow agency for equity-minded change.

Racial/ethnic and class-based disparities in college access, enrollment and completion continue to persist at both TCC and throughout our nation’s higher education system. The differences in college enrollment and college completion among historically marginalized and white and affluent

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TCC is one of only 30 colleges nationwide chosen through a rigorous selection process to participate in the American Association of Community College’s Pathways program, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.