Technical Standards

Technical standards are the essential non-academic requirements of the program that a student must be able to master in order to successfully participate in the Phlebotomy Program and become employable. Examples of this program's technical standards are provided below. If you are not sure that you will be able to meet these technical standards, please consult with the Allied Health counselor or the Disabled Student Resource Center for further information and to discuss your individual situation. 

  • Must have the academic ability to learn technical and medical information to complete the clinical practicum.
  • Must have the ability to communicate in English with instructors, patients and other medical personnel.
  • Must have sufficient two-handed manual dexterity to be able to apply and release tourniquets, palpate veins, use venipuncture equipment (such as vacuum tubes and holders, syringes and butterfly needles), and skin puncture equipment.
  • Must possess organizational skills to determine when blood samples need to be collected, order of draw and fill, proper timing of draws and deliveries.
  • Must have the ability and stamina to climb stairs, run considerable distances in emergency situations, walk considerable distances regularly, as well as stand, bend, help position patients and reach at arms length for up to several hours per day.
  • Must prove normal or corrected hearing to discern audible signals, phones, pneumatic tube systems and timing devices.
  • Must be able to write names and copy numbers precisely on small test tube labels, in logs or on report forms. Technological compensation can be made for some handicaps in these areas, but an applicant should be able to perform in a reasonably independent manner. The use of a trained intermediary may be possible in the college setting but in the work environment it would mean that judgment must be mediated by someone else’s power of selection and observation.

By completing the Phlebotomy Certificate application, you verify that you can meet all of these functions, with or without reasonable accommodations.