Faculty Resources

Dear Faculty,

We, the Office of Global Education, would like to provide a brief "functional" list of support items we can offer you during the academic year. Should you have any questions about the following items, or wish to ask for support not covered in the list below, please feel free to email us at globaled@tulsacc.edu.

  • Provide information about study abroad opportunities and how your course(s) would fit into the study abroad model
  • Meet/consult with you about global / international ideas for your classroom
  • Research and help to identify globally focused organizations in your field
  • Assist in identifying grant opportunities for a particular project idea you share with us
  • Search for programs at other institutions in the U.S. or abroad who have programs/courses you would like to consider developing (i.e. to save you re-inventing the wheel)
  • Help you plan for internationally focused guest speakers to the degree possible, we can help sponsor your global related event (i.e. $$$)
  • Provide an orientation to the Tulsa Global Alliance and its Sister City programs, International Visitor program, and International Business seminars
  • Participate in the 2nd Curriculum Internationalization Project (CIP)
  • International Professional Opportunity Development grant (IPOD) (At present, due to current travel guidelines, this program is on hold.)
  • We will publicize your global related event or news item on our website
  • Miscellaneous - We have over 75 international flags; access to Eisenhower Elementary school's Culture Boxes; a wonderful collection of books on Japan for your use.
  • Open to your ideas!


The Office of Global Learning