Honors Academic Advisors

Honors Advisement
Ben Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” A wealth of knowledge is readily available and freely given by Honors Program faculty and staff. Claiming this knowledge for yourself has now become easier. Each campus’s Counseling and Testing Office now has at least one counselor designated as an “honors advisor,” with specific information on the Honors Program and how its requirements fit into your overall educational plan. If you are an Honors Scholar planning your class schedule, please seek out one of these honors advisors:

Gregory Anderson--TCC Metro Campus
 phone: 918-595-8949; email

Diana Allen--TCC Northeast Campus
 phone: 918-595-8419; email

Erin Hood--TCC Southeast Campus
 phone: 918-595-7657; email

Laura Holtquist, Ashley Adams, Benjamin Bryson, Mary Foster, Molly Farley, and Sarah "Hutch" Hutchinson-Lytle—TCC West Campus
 phone: 918-595-8178; email: Laura Holtquist; Ashley AdamsBenjamin Bryson; Mary FosterMolly FarleySarah Hutchinson-Lytle