Honors Faculty

Our dedicated and creative faculty (well-suited to our dedicated and creative honors students) are perhaps the Honors Program's greatest asset.


Liberal Arts Division 
Aaron Bell
Dr. Kenneth Blankemeyer
Judith Cox
Dr. Michael Hammer
Dr. Alexa Larson-Thorisch
Dr. Kurt Lively
Olivia Marino
Sydnee Moyers
Dewayne Pass
Dr. Dianna Phillips
Dr. Gay Phillips
Julianne Romanello
Dr. Philip Smith
Dr. Alicia Uddin
Krena White
Steven Woods

Communication Services Division
Dr. Beverly Bailey
Miguel Llovera Da Corte
Jerry Goodwin
Susan O'Neal
Josh Parish
Tina Pena
Sarah Stecher
Jon Tanzey
Jeanne Urie
Ureka Williams
Paul Zintgraff
Business Division
Lindsey Barbour
Randy Dominguez
Chelsey Gipson-Smith
Michael Speck
Math and Sciences Division 
Kelly Allen
Claude Bolze
Dr. Martin Bregman
Lucinda Crain
Brian Cross
Dr. Patrick Idwasi
James Liley
Constance Murray
Dr. Valerie O'Brien
Ryan Paruch
Matthew Smith
Nursing Division 
Lisa Gerow

Liberal Arts Division

Audrey Alcorn
Amanda Blackman
Robert Butler
Pam Chew
Diane Potts
Dr. Sharolyn Wallace
Communications Division
Ken Claney
Sloan Davis
Dr. Donna Goodwin
Dorothy Minor
Lu Ann Thompson
Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technology Division
Jane Hammontree
Dr. Chris Juen
Jennifer Kneafsey
Pat McCann
Sabrina Ripp
Business Division
Dr. Bud Turman


Communications Division 

David Charlson
Dr. Allen Culpepper
Wendy Eddy
Carol Johnson
Mary Larson
Dr. Kara Ryan-Johnson
Dr. Jane Varmecky

Liberal Arts Division
Dr. Robert Katz
Dr. Ann Malloy
Dr. Carter Schell
P. D. Swiney

Math and Sciences Division
Peggy Brooks
Milton King
Toney Miller
Mary Phillips
Dusti Sloan
Mark Swanson
Sasha Townsend


Liberal Arts Division
Kirk Brewer
Anne Phillips
Sarah Wagner
Dr. Stephanie Youngblood

Science and Mathematics Division
Roxann Davenport
Patty Smith
Jacalyn Swicegood
Diane Trimble

Business Division 
Jennifer Dillard
Jeffrey Horvath
Jim Maxson
Melinda Smith
Travis White
Gornie Williams