Graduating as an Honors Scholar


1. Be admitted into the TCC Honors Scholar program (an application process is required.)

2. Complete 24 credit hours of honors courses. Students may select any classes from the honors curriculum, but at least 15 credit hours must be earned in general-education honors classes. For a list of general-education classes at TCC, consult the current TCC Catalog. Other limitations on alternate-delivery and repeatable classes also apply.*

Complete 21 credit hours* of honors courses PLUS complete 40 clock hours of work on an approved service learning project. The service learning project must receive approval from the TCC honors coordinators.

3. In your final fall or spring semester, submit a three- to four-page written assessment of the honors experience at TCC.

4. Meet the requirements for the associate degree as stated in the TCC catalog.

5. Graduate with a TCC grade-point average of at least 3.5.

*No student may count credit hours from any one repeatable or continuing Honors course more than twice in fulfilling minimum honors credit requirements. A maximum of nine honors hours earned in distance-learning or self-paced classes may be counted toward minimum honors requirements. Students who transfer to TCC from other accredited institutions of higher education and have honors credit from their former school(s) should ask the TCC honors coordinators to evaluate their transfer credits. The coordinators may approve the use of up to 12 transfer honors hours in meeting the 24- or 21-hour Honors requirement at TCC.

Students may apply for admission to the Honors Program at any time. Honors course work undertaken by a student prior to his or her acceptance into the program may be applied toward Honors Scholar requirements. All program requirements must be met before graduation, regardless of when the student enters the program. The Honors Program strongly suggests that students apply as early as possible in their college careers. Early acceptance into the Honors Scholar program allows the student to take full advantage of the program's benefits, which include the Honors Scholar tuition waiver, consideration for the prestigious TCC Foundation Honors Award, and guidance from the Honors Program staff.

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