View Class Offerings

TCC no longer publishes a paper class schedule.

Log in to MYTCC and look up classes to see up-to-the-minute class offerings showing all the different sections of a class and which sections are open.

If you have a TCC student ID number, this link provides instructions on how to use MYTCC to look up classes.

If you are new to TCC and do not have a TCC student ID  number, then follow the steps below to view class offerings:

Viewing class offerings

1. Click on this link to view the "Class Schedules" page. 

2. Click on the "current credit course offerings here" link. The link appears right below the "Complete Class Schedule".

3. Choose the term (or semester) you are interested in from the drop down box under the heading "Search By Term.” Make sure to choose a term designated for “credit classes.”

4. This should bring you to the "Look Up Classes" page. This is the main search screen for looking up classes. There are a number of different boxes on this page that can be used to refine your search results. 

The most important thing is to get the top two boxes correct. The first box asks for the subject area of the class you are seeking. This subject is designated by a four-letter abbreviation located in front of the course number. For example: if one was looking for Biology for Majors, BIOL-1224, the subject would be Biology as designated by the BIOL subject code.   

The second box is asking for the course number, which is the four-digit code following the subject designation. In the previous example of BIOL-1224 Biology for Majors, the course number is 1224. As long as these two boxes are correct, you will get a full listing of all available sections for that course.

6. One more box that is especially useful on this page is the "Campus" box, which is about half way down the left side. Choose the campus you plan on attending after you have entered the course subject and number, and your search will only show sections of that class that are offered at the campus you selected.

7. Once you have entered course information in at least the first two boxes, you can click "class search" at the bottom to show your search results.

8. The next page will show all of the sections of the course that meet your search criteria. This page provides all of the relevant information for each section, such as when it meets, who the instructor is, and where the class is located.

The day(s) the class meets on will be designated with abbreviations as follows:

U - Sunday

M - Monday

T - Tuesday

W - Wednesday

R - Thursday

F - Friday

S - Saturday

So, if a class meets “TR,” it meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You may see TBA in place of an instructor's name or room number. TBA stands for "To Be Announced" meaning that information has not been determined yet.

Online classes will be noted as such under the "location" column and have the class time listed as TBA. Classes labeled "blended" are part online and part on campus.

Click here to find a list of specialty class schedules.