All students who wish to graduate from TCC must file for graduation at an Advisement Center. The deadlines to file for graduation are:

Fall* - last Friday in October

Spring - last Friday in March

Summer** - second Friday in July

I'm close to graduating. What should I do?
Visit with an academic advisor at any campus Advisement Center to determine if you are fulfilling all the degree requirements and when you will be eligible for graduation. If eligible, then you will file for graduation.

How do I file for graduation?
At the beginning of the last semester of attendance, every student who has fulfilled all the necessary degree requirements is required to file for graduation at a campus Advisement Center in order to graduate and receive his/her diploma. This involves necessary paperwork to be completed by the student. This is a two-step process:

1. Students meet with an academic advisor and file for graduation.

2. Students return to the same advisement office when recommended by the advisor to sign official graduation paperwork. 

NOTE: You should not file for graduation until all of your prior college transcripts have been turned in to a TCC Enrollment Services office. It is best to have transcripts turned in no later than the semester before you plan to file for graduation. For any degree seeking student, all prior transcripts must be submitted before a student completes nine credit hours at TCC.

If there are questions over college transfer credits, or possible course substitutions that need to be applied, go to any campus Advisement Center and speak with an advisor. The substitution process is handled by the student at any TCC campus Advisement Center.

How do I participate in the commencement ceremony?
If you file for graduation before the deadline,your name will be in the graduation program. You will also be automatically put on a mailing list to receive information about the commencement ceremony.

Campus bookstores will have information on ordering caps, gowns, announcements, etc, usually around the middle of March.

NOTE: There is not a commencement ceremony at the end of the fall and summer semesters. Fall and summer graduates are invited to participate in the spring commencement ceremony.

What if I don't want to participate in the ceremony?
You are not required to attend the commencement ceremony in order to receive your degree. You just need to have completed the necessary paperwork to file for graduation.

**Students who plan on graduating in the summer may make an appointment for their final graduation checks by the spring deadline and then participate in TCC's annual commencement ceremony in May.

Click here for a link to the academic calendar, which includes deadlines for filing for graduation and other important deadlines.