Education Access Center Universal Testing Procedures

Universal Testing Procedures for All TCC Campuses

Instructor Responsibility

The students accommodations are specified in a letter sent to the instructor by the Education Access Center.

The instructor should communicate with the student and the counselor or specialist on that campus about testing arrangements for that student.

Instructors must deliver or send an electronic copy of the exam. Electronic copies are required for visually impaired students.

The instructor must complete the exam form specific to each campus when the exam is delivered.

Exam time limit and the date exam must be completed must be specified on the exam form.

Exams delivered electronically must include specific testing instructions.

The exam is administered according to the instructor specifications.

Instructors must pick up all exams.

Student Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to register with the Education Access Center each semester.

It is the students responsibility to see the designated Education Access Center counselor or specialist at the beginning of each semester regarding special testing procedures at that campus.

It is the students responsibility to communicate with the instructor about testing arrangements.

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule the date and time of the exam.

The student should take the exam at the same time the class does unless the instructor indicates differently.

Any changes to testing arrangements must be approved by the instructor prior to the day of the exam.

For Further Information Contact:

Education Access Center - Metro Campus, Rm. 331B, (918) 595-7115
Northeast Campus, Rm. S150, (918) 595-7514
Southeast Campus, Rm. 2122, (918) 595-7659
West Campus, Rm. WCI104, (918) 595-8179