Distance Learning Testing (TCC's Internet Courses)

Tulsa Community College provides students a location to take Internet tests in a secure, proctored atmosphere. All students using this service must provide photo identification, such as a valid driver’s license, passport, or TCC ID, upon taking the examination.

There is no fee. 

Testing Sites

  • Metro Campus, Room 1018, 918.595.7010 
  • International Language Lab, Room MC430A, 918-595-7068
  • Northeast Campus, Academic Building, Room 1201, 918.595.7534
  • West Campus, Academic and Campus Services, Room I-106, 918.595.8060
  • Southeast Campus (depending on what course) 
  • Communications Lab, Room 1102, 918.595.7749
  • Science and Mathematics Testing Center, Room 8148, 918.595.7740

Registration and Testing Times
Please contact the appropriate campus for registration process and times allowed for testing.