The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) requires all veterans to abide by the policies and regulations of the College concerning academic standing and progress, class attendance, and conduct. The TCC Veterans Services Office will monitor compliance with these policies and is required to report any deviations to the DVA. All school policies are stated elsewhere in this website. Concurrent with school policies, the DVA requires the following:

  • Academic Program
    A recipient of DVA benefits must select and designate the academic program under which he or she will be receiving educational benefits. Any change of academic program must be acceptable to the DVA.
  • Course Work
    Educational benefits will be paid only on courses applicable toward the academic program. Course substitutions, i.e., course outside the catalog listing for a particular program, must be verified as an approved substitution. The DVA will not award educational benefits for repeated courses in which a passing grade has already been received or for courses in which an incomplete “I ” is earned.
  • Previous or Transfer Credit
    Applicants for benefits having earned college credit at another institution must submit transcripts from each institution he or she has attended before the TCC Veterans Services Office can certify enrollment to the DVA.
  • Class Attendance
    The DVA requires the institution to report all excessive absences from classes. Failure to attend classes while receiving benefits will result in an overpayment and the student is liable for repayment to the DVA.

1. Apply for admission to the College in the Registrar ’s Office.

2. First time veteran students at TCC need to contact the Advisement Center and acquire a signed Program Curriculum Plan. Take a copy to the Veterans Services Office at Metro Campus. Returning students may verify applicability of courses toward graduation by reviewing their Program Curriculum Plan on file in the Advisement Center or the Veterans Services Office.

3. Register for classes and pay tuition and fees.

4. After the application fee is paid and registration for classes is completed, bring the receipt to the TCC Veterans Services Office at Metro Campus and request certification for benefits. The following documents must be presented by veterans enrolling under the program for the first time.

  • Chapter 30 and 32. Verification of service on VA form 22-1990V, or copy #4 of the veteran's DD-214 (Report of Separation).
  • Chapter 31. Approved VA Form 22-1905 from DVA Vocational Rehabilitation counselor.
  • Chapter 1606. Approved DD Form 2384, Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE), from Reserve or National Guard unit.

5. All certifications for veterans benefits will be processed through the Veterans Services Office on the Metro Campus. Students taking courses at locations other than the four principal campuses must contact the Metro Campus Veterans Services Office for information and certification.

6. Veterans pursuing concurrent enrollment at more than one college or university may do so, but must coordinate with Veterans Services at both institutions to insure proper certification. All courses taught by TCC, regardless as to campus, are approved by the same college and are not concurrent enrollments.