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How You Will Pay for College?

Tulsa Achieves Tulsa County High School Students can attend TCC for free!
“I’ve only ever had one goal. I’ve always had airline pilot as my dream job.” -Rodolfo Baez Astacio Rodolfo Baez Astacio , Aviation Sciences Technology - Professional Pilot
Rodolfo Baez Astacio

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  • Event
    Mon Apr 23

    Free Flower Seeds

    9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    West Campus Student Life

    Free Flower Seeds -- all week in WC Student Life -- while supplies last

  • Event
    Tue Apr 24

    Herbal Therapy Garden

    1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
    West Campus Greenhouse

    Herbal Therapy Garden & Paw Teaching Garden
    Tuesday, April 24
    1:00pm in Greenhouse

    Earth Week: April 16-19 &...

Priority Enrollment for Summer and Fall

Now Open TCC students with 24 or more credit hours can enroll for Summer and Fall 2018 classes beginning now.
“TCC has provided a great facility with outstanding staff, including my flight instructor Miles, who are willing to go above and beyond to get me where I want to go.” -Brian Poulin Brian Poulin , Aviation Sciences Technology - Professional Pilot
Brian Poulin

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