College Courses for High School Students

If you are a junior or senior in high school, you can enroll in classes at Tulsa Community College while still in high school. It’s called Concurrent High School Enrollment.

Concurrent enrollment allows you to get a head start on college by enrolling in college level courses while you complete your high school diploma. You will have earned college hours before you graduate high school.

At TCC, we encourage high school students who meet certain academic and testing requirements to  for college admissions and complete the . Here is what we require: 

Concurrent High School Admission Policy

In order to apply for college admission, high school students must meet Oklahoma eligibility requirements

  • Begin your college career by applying for admissions by clicking the link: APPLY FOR ADMISSION
  • Admission to the College does not guarantee eligibility for course placement.
  • All students must be juniors or seniors (junior status begins in the summer semester after the 10th grade) and eligible to graduate from high school in the spring of their senior year.  (Students who attend unaccredited high schools and home schools must have completed enough high school coursework to be equivalent to an individual who is classified as a junior or senior at an accredited high school). Additionally, all students must meet the criterion below.

Students not qualified by grade level may be considered for Opportunity Admissions (policy requirements:

National ACT can be repeated without consequence.

*Only one residual ACT per year (from November 1 to October 31) is valid for admission and course placement.

** This score is valid on SATs administered on or after March 5, 2016.

Concurrent High School Enrollment Policy

All other students not qualified by grade level may be considered for enrollment under the Opportunity Admissions category (Counselors’ Corner, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Concurrent Policy).

Concurrent Enrollment High School Application

In order to enroll in a college course, high school students must be proficient in the area in which they wish to enroll. Proficiency is determined by ACT subject scores.

Enrollment may not exceed 19 credit hours per long semester for combined high school and college credit hour load or nine credit hours in the summer.Students who have provided the required documents and meet the proficiency scores above may enroll in courses under the following Regents concurrent student criteria:

  • Zero level courses (intended for remediation or curricular or performance deficiency) and physical education activity courses are not eligible for concurrent enrollment.
  • Re-enrollment is contingent upon the student maintaining a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA at TCC.

Attend College Early (ACE) Tuition Waiver Policy

ACE Tuition Waiver Scholarships are awarded on a “first-come, first-served basis” as funds are available. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of three and a maximum of six credit hours per semester and must follow the policy regulations.

Counselors’ Corner contains quick links to TCC resources, forms, and concurrent enrollment FAQs.

TCC’s concurrent enrollment program is the largest in the state of Oklahoma. We are focused on offering opportunity, excellence, and student success to area high school students. In order for us to better serve you, please fill out this short contact form.

Contact Concurrent Enrollment

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