International Admissions

​Tulsa Community College students receive a great education, and go on to great universities, including top 100 schools

​​such as Temple University; Washington University St. Louis; University of Virginia; University of Michigan, and many others, as well as all colleges and universities in Oklahoma

We have scholarships for new, incoming students, as well as scholarships for continuing first year and second year students. 

Our tuition and hourly fees are approximately $356 per credit hour, which means that a single full-time semester (12 credit hours) can cost around $4,500, not including books. Tulas has apartments for as little as $500 per month, and a TCC student can use the Tulsa public transit system for free as long as they show their TCC student ID.

We have a support network for international students that greets them when they arrive in Tulsa, Oklahoma, helps them find a place to live, and other necessary steps, such as setting up banking accounts.  While we do not have dormitories, the support provided to new international students enables them to move into housing without difficulty, or unnecessary delay.  Essentially, the city of Tulsa, is part of our college campus.

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