Emergency Management

Tulsa Community College is committed in keeping our students, employees and visitors safety at the top our priorities. One of the most important issues in safety is being prepared in the event of a an emergency. Every campus has a Campus Response Team that is charged with conducting drills and exercises in preparation of an emergency. The Director of Emergency Operations is ensuring all Campus Response Teams are conducting those drills and exercises while making sure there is consistency in emergency responses college wide. Unannounced Tornado and Fire drills are conducted College-wide each semester with announced lockdown drills once minimum a year.

Emergency Procedures (pdf)

Emergency Responses

TCC has outlined 4 emergency responses in which an individual would need in an emergency:

Lockdown – lock all and/or barricade the doors, turn off lights, get out of sight, silence your phone, prepare to evade or defend. This is when the threat is inside of the building.

Lockout- lock all exterior doors and stay inside to prevent entry into the building. This is when the threat is outside of the building.

Evacuate- evacuate the building using the nearest exit while not using elevators.

Shelter- Proceed to the nearest designated shelter. Earthquake- drop, cover, hold on, and take cover under a sturdy desk or table.

For an Active Shooter- RUN, HIDE OR FIGHT.

Emergency Operations Base Plan (pdf)