Contact Information

Aimee Francois, B.S., R.D.M.S., R.D.C.S., R.V.T.
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Director
Owasso Campus


 Allied Health Division
909 S. Boston, MP 458
Tulsa OK 74119-2095


Aimee Francois BS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT is  the Director of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Tulsa Community College.

She has been in the medical profession for almost 35 years. She started out working as an X-ray technologist for 5 years before going to ultrasound school.

The ultrasound school was through the University of Miami and she trained at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Fl. This is the 2nd largest hospital in the United States. It was an exciting place to start a medical career and she had the opportunity to experience many unusual and “once in a life time” scanning opportunities. After training, she worked at a cardiologist office for a while before returning to JMH where she worked for 10 years.

Her ultrasound school taught Abdomen, Ob/Gyn, and Adult Cardiac. Professor Francois took examinations and became registered in those areas right out of school. She soon had a job working in a department that had a heavy pediatric case load, so she quickly became proficient in neurosonography (ultrasound of the brain and spine) and took the registry in that specialty. 

Vascular technology soon followed and she has found this specialty to be one that has greatly expanded during her career. Now, almost all ultrasound positions want their techs registered and experienced in vascular.

The last specialty to learn was fetal cardiac. Professor Francois has an abundance of training in this specialty while working with high risk obstetrical patients here in Tulsa. The fetal heart is about the size of a finger nail with the insides that look like the inside of a walnut shell. Small and a moving target to find with an ultrasound machine!! Talk about a challenge.

She has been part of large hospitals, small clinics, and tiny offices. I have been part of research projects, presentations in professional societies, and teaching professionals. Throughout it all I have loved staying current by learning new specialties or gaining stronger skills at established ones.