Transfer to TCC

Admission by Transfer from a State System Institution

An Oklahoma State System student who wishes to transfer to another State System institution may do so under the
following conditions:

Admission Requirements

  1. Provide official transcripts from each college/university previously attended and, if fewer than 7 credit hours have been completed at other colleges/universities excluding credit hours completed as a concurrently enrolled high school student, a high school transcript with graduation date or passing GED scores.
  2. A student under 21 years of age must meet the high school curricular requirements as indicated in Section I of this policy and have a grade point average high enough to meet TCC’s retention standards. (see Policy for Continued Enrollment II.B.).


Transfer Credit Policies

  1. Transfer Credit Evaluation
    • Courses will be listed under the name of the transferring institution. Courses will be equated to TCC disciplines, course numbers, and credit hours and the grade assigned will be the grade awarded by the transferring institution.
    • Courses evaluated as semi-equivalent or a general elective will be accepted for transfer credit and may be applicable toward graduation requirements as elective credits.
    • Courses evaluated with passing grades (P or S) will be accepted for credit.
    • Courses recognized as semi-equivalents will be accepted and credit given even though TCC does not have a like equivalent for that course.
  2. Academic Status of Transfer Students
    • Transfer students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher (as calculated by A, B, C, D, and F systems, 4.0 scale) will be admitted to Tulsa Community College in good standing.
    • Students with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 average will be admitted to their first enrollment at TCC on academic probation or academic notice and will be expected to meet the standards for continued enrollment.
    • Students returning to TCC after enrollment at another institution or institutions will be considered for admissionbased on academic records at all the college(s), including the grades earned at TCC.
  3. Disciplinary Probation or Suspension — Students on disciplinary suspension or social probation from another institution will not be considered until the suspension or probation is removed by the enacting institution or thestudent is accepted by the Admissions Committee.

Undergraduate Students Entering by Transfer From Out-of-State College or University

Undergraduate students wishing to transfer from an out-of-state college or university to Tulsa Community College may do
so as follows:

  1. Transcripts of record from colleges or universities accredited by the Higher Learning Commission or other regional associations will be given full value.
    • Each nonresident applicant must be in good standing in the institution from which he/she plans to transfer.
    • Each nonresident applicant must have made satisfactory progress (an average grade of “C” or better or meets this policy’s current retention standards, whichever is higher) in the institution from which he/she plans to transfer.
    • Each nonresident applicant must meet the high school curricular requirements outlined in the “Qualifications for Admissions” section.
  2. Transcripts of record from institutions not accredited by a regional association may be reviewed for transfer acceptance when appropriate to the student’s degree program and when the receiving institution has had anopportunity to validate the courses or programs.
    • Each nonresident undergraduate applicant must meet the conditions of IV.B. 1.a., 1.b., and 1.c. listed previously.
    • Each nonresident undergraduate applicant who meets IV.B. 1.a., 1.b., and 1.c. above also will be required to validate the transferred credit by making satisfactory progress (an average of “C” or better) for at least one term. 
  3. Any student who does not meet the criteria stated above may petition the Admissions Committee for further consideration.

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.